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Vending Machines

Maple Hill Farms specializes in milk, juice and ice cream vending where we supply the vending machine, the product and the service.  Our employees are properly trained to service and repair these machines.  Our refrigerated delivery trucks ensure our products to be of the best quality possible.

We have different vending machines that vary according to the location installed, depending upon the number of employees in the building or the setting of the machines in public locations.

National 4 selection Milk Machines and 3 selection Ice Cream Machines are for smaller locations - pictured below.


In a larger location a Glassfront Milk and Juice Vending machine might be a choice - pictured below.


A Fastcorp Ice Cream Machine is also suitable for larger locations - pictured below.


If you are interested in one of our vending machines please call Bill or Scott at 860-242-9689 or 800-842-7304 to discuss your vending needs.  You may also reach us by going to our "Contact Us" page.

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